With its generous width and retractable daggerboard the made in France Tahe Techno 160D makes a great learning platform for lighter weight beginner windsurfers or bigger boned freeriders wanting a board for mellower days on the water.


In beginner windsurf mode rapid progression is guaranteed with plenty of performance inbuilt for advancing your skills. When the breeze picks up pair with relevant size sail for some blasting/cruising fun. Should the wind drop then the traits that make the Tahe Techno 160 good for learning (width, volume and non-planing upwind ability) allow riders to get home no issue.

Good looks, bomb proof ACE-TEC construction and affordability make the Tahe Techno 160D a brilliant choice for a wide range of users – kids and adults alike. In fact, it’d be a good pick for a family windsurfing board.

Full spec of the Tahe Techno 160D below – 

  • Length: 8’4″ / 255cm
  • Width: 32.25″ / 82cm
  • Volume: 160L
  • Finbox Configuration Set Up: Deep Tuttle
  • Supplied fin(s): Select Ride 43
  • Daggerboard: Yes
  • Foil Reinforcement: No
  • Masttrack: US Box 17cm
  • Ideal Sail Size: 2.5m-8.5m
  • Footstraps: 4 positions: Inner and outer 3x position inserts. 1x central rear strap.
  • Pads: 4 pads, 5 mm thickness, diamond groove
  • Product Type: Rigid – Composite
  • Technology: ACE-TEC
  • ALL-ROUND BOARDS, FAST AND EASY for freeride windsurfing.
  • LIGHT DOUBLE CONCAVE SHAPES, LARGE WIDTH for great planing ability.
  • ROUND RAILS ON THE FRONT for easy gybes.
  • RETRACTABLE DAGGERBOARD for upwind ability.
  • ACE-TEC TECHNOLOGY light and durable.
  • HIGH QUALITY SELECT BRANDED FIN for optimal performance.

Get in touch for more info about the Tahe Techno 160D beginner/freeride windsurfing board.

Note: These boards are shipped direct from the UK distributor direct to you the customer.



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