How does NCW’s wetsuit part exchange service work?

Looking to get hold of a new NCW wetsuit and wondering whether you can part exchange your old suit against the price of a new model? If so, this is for you. NCW do offer part exchange and this is how it works.

(Want to do this really quickly ? just order what you need new, we’ll ship it to you and then you can follow the steps below.)

  • Drop us a line and tell us what you want to part exchange. 
  • If possible, include some photos. 
  • We’ll then give you an estimate of what the part ex value is likely to be. We won’t be able to give you a full value until the suit has been inspected. 
  • You’ll then get an email with the estimated value.
  • Following that head to NCW’s website and make the purchase of which product you need. Post the used wetsuit to our address:

Reuse the Rubber, North Coast Wetsuits, The Rubber Shack, Building 6, Rear of Glebe Farm, St Endellion, Port Isaac, Cornwall, PL29 3TP.

  • Once we’ve received your part exchange wetsuit it’ll be inspected. 
  • We’ll take into account any repair work needed. 
  • This info will then be emailed along with the final value. 
  • As soon as we get an agreement back NCW will refund that amount against the new purchase you made online.

Note: It’s hard to accurately determine a used wetsuit’s value from pictures alone. There may be unforeseen repair work needed. Hence why used wetsuits for part exchange need to be fully inspected before we give a final value.

If you have any questions about NCW’s part exchange service then get in touch.

Also, you may be interested in NCW’s repairs and alterations offering anyway. This could save you actually needing to buy a new wetsuit altogether. Get in touch for information about that.