Kids wetsuits are an NCW specialty. Don’t know what you need? Click here to send us some info on your needs and we can advise what you may need and what size etc. Full range of NCW kids kids! Great for both boys & girls, keeping them nice & warm with full SPF protection to keep them safe in and out of the water all year round! See what one family says here.

PLEASE NOTE : We do sometimes have a range of used kids suits in stock. Generally these are suits that customers have returned to us when they buy the next size up and they don’t have a younger sibling to pass the suit down to. Click here or give us a call (01208 880839) or send us an EMAIL if you looking for a used suit. We only sell them on if they are in GOOD CONDITION and as our suits are well made this often the case as children out grow them before they are worn out.

Be sure to check out NCW’s Kid’s wetsuit knowledge page here.

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