We often have quite a selection of used kit and wetsuits, both kids and adults too.

Sometimes these can be suits that have been tested by our sponsored riders as part of our design evolution and are hardly used. They can even be size samples from a new range of kit we are developing. We sometimes get folks in that part exchange a suit that have ordered (in another brand) and are not happy with the fit and buy one of ours after having a proper fitting. Any suits we sell used are always checked over and a proper description of the condition will be included with the details.

We have a lot of used kids and also adult wetsuits, full and short suits. We also get a lot of regular buyers of kit returning kids items to us when they buy a bigger size most years. And holiday makers even pop in and leave us gear they are not going to use again.

We BUY USED WETSUITS. Got a wetsuit or kit you no longer use? Maybe it doesn’t fit or just don’t want/need it? If this is the case drop us an email at and tell us what you have to sell.

You may want to give an idea of what you think it’s worth money wise. And include a few photos if possible. We’ll then let you know if we are interested. Don’t forget NCW offers part exchange too.

Here’s a quote from a past customer who sold us some of his used suits…..Mark and the team at North Coast Wetsuits are excellent: professional, speedy, courteous, and exceptionally proficient. I had a couple used wetsuits to sell before a rather chaotic international move and they facilitated this with incredible ease. They made life a lot easier all around! Wishing this team all the best in and out of the water and highly recommend anyone in the area pay them a visit! Dan, USA”

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