2.5mm Super Stretch Neoprene unisex multi-purpose Sea Strides / Pants / Trousers / Leggings

Super warm and comfortable with a drawstring waist. We’ve used full super stretch on these so they can be tailored for a close snug fit to keep you cosy and warm.

Our unisex sea strides are about pure comfort. Being applicable leggings for a wide variety of watersports, including stand up paddle boarding, kayaking and surfing (during warmer months), there stretch properties are unsurpassed giving users supreme comfort and performance without compromise on fit. Using in tandem with NCW’s thermal rashvests our neoprene pants can be a good alternative to a summer wetsuit. Warm, yet flexible, these trousers should be an essential part of any water user’s kit bag. Also applicable for off season non-immersive applications such as SUP / kayak race training on flat water or base layer beneath standard winter wetsuits.

Hate getting into wetsuits ? try a pair of these and one of our various neoprene rash vests for a great warm combo with the need of getting in and out of a wetsuit.

Could be great option for cold temperature OCR races and mud runs too!

Size Guide for Sea Strides (waist size) :

XS = 24-28″ height to around 5’4″  (women’s 6-8)
S = 26-30″ height to around 5’8″    (women’s 10-12)
M = 30-34″ height to 5’9″               (women’s 14-16)
MT = 30-34″ height 5’10” to 6’1″    (TALL women’s 14-16)
L = 34-38″ height 6 foot plus          (women’s 18-20)
XL = 38″-42″ height 6 foot plus       (women’s 22-24)

Note that women’s dress size is just a guide PLEASE check your measurements and we can alter these to suit and fit for a small fee too!

Remember all North Coast Wetsuits kit is designed with valuable rider feedback and with you the waterman/women in mind….Adopt, Adapt, Evolve.

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