Wetsuit size guide for our own branded wetsuits only (NCW)

For other brands of suits please use the chart on the items page.

NCW’s wetsuit size chart is a guide to how a suit will fit you based on generic body averages. There’s no 100% guarantee that any wetsuit, rash vest or accessory will be your perfect fit as body shapes are so varied. In all instances NCW will aim to get you the best fitting wetsuit possible. And if we can’t we can always utilise our in house wetsuit alterations service to get you a custom fit. If you’re struggling to determine what size you may be, and/or getting a wetsuit that suits your body shape, get in touch and we’ll help you out as best we can

Please note measurements on the chart are approximate.  An off the peg suit is always a compromise if it’s compared with a highly expensive made to measure wetsuit. It is important that you measure yourself properly and don’t think “Oh I used to be a 34 inch waist that will do”. For your wetsuit to work and keep you warm it must fit you correctly. Therefore you need to know your measurements as they are right now and not what they were in 1984!

Measure TWICE and ORDER ONCE. Then there will be no need to change the suit as you didn’t measure accurately! If you feel you don’t come within the listed ranges don’t give up! Please give us a call (01208 880839) or send an email to info@northcoastwetsuits.co.uk  with your measurements and weight too for further help and advice.  We know the upper and lower limits of the sizes on the chart and with eleven off the peg sizes in our range we almost always have a suit that will fit most people.


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Size Height Chest Waist Hips
Small 5’4″-5’7″ (162-168cm) 34″-36″(86-91cm) 27″-29″(69-74cm) 32″-34″(81-86cm)
Small Tall 5’8″- 6′ (169-180cm) 34″-36″(86-91cm) 27″-29″(69-74cm) 32″-34″(81-86cm)
Medium Small 5’6″-5’9″ (167-175cm) 36″-38″(91-97cm) 29″-31″(64-79cm) 32″-34″(81-86cm)
Medium Small Tall 5’10”-6’4″ (176-187cm) 36″-38″(91-97cm) 29″-32″(64-79cm) 32″-34″(81-86cm)
Medium 5’8″-5’10” (172-178cm) 38″-41″(97-104cm) 31″-34″(79-86cm) 35″-39″(90-98cm)
Medium Tall 5’11”-6’4″ (180-187cm) 38″-41″(97-104cm) 32″-34″(79-86cm) 36″-39″(90-98cm)
Medium Large 5’10”-6’4″ (178-187cm) 40″-44″(102-109cm) 35″-37″(88-94cm) 38″-41″(96-104cm)
Large Short 5’7″-5’11” (170-180cm) 42″-45″(107-114cm) 35″-38″(89-96cm) 40″-43″(102-109cm)
Large 6’0″-6’5″ (182-193cm) 42″-45″(107-114cm) 35″-38″(89-96cm) 40″-43″(102-109cm)
Xtra Large 6’2″-6’5″ (187-193cm) 44″-47″(112-119cm) 37″-39″(94-99cm) 42″-45″(107-114cm)
Xtra Xtra Large 6’2″-6’5″ (187-193cm) 46″-49″(117-125cm) 39″-42″(99-106cm) 44″-46″(112-117cm)



Kids wetsuits can be tricky to size as kids of all ages comes in different shapes and sizes!! Please measure, as per diagram below, from their lower ankle (where trousers would end) across the front of the body to the lower centre neck (where a t-shirt crew neck centre would sit) and this will give you the measurement for the sizes in cm that you can use on the kids suits product pages.  

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NOTE  : The ages on the product pages for kids wetsuits are only a guide. You really need to measure as above to get the right fit. A sung fit is one of the most important factors with any wetsuit. Please don’t be tempted to order your kids wetsuit in a size far larger than they need so it will last them longer. If the fit is loose it will not keep them nearly as warm as snug fitting wetsuit. If you need help please call us on 01208 880839.