Sponsored Riders

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Richie Smith – UK Open Knee Board Champion & 2007 Worlds Knee Board Champion!

Sam Gill – he surfs a lot!

Bill Morris – an Aussie Longboarder with lots of experience.

Matt Gallagher – a top Aussie Kneeboarder – 5th in the 2015 World Knee Board Championships.

Dan Taylor – Surfing on the French Atlantic coast and downhill Skateboarding when the seas are flat.

Mark Kay – 2016 UK Windsurf Raceboard National cup series Champion.

Charlie Gilman – Highly Competitive Windsurfer (and instructor too).

Dave Ludgate – Out and about on his SUP in Ireland Dave’s keen to clean up the seas.


See Richie & Sam in our Sponsored Documentary: The Cold Swell

The Cold Swell……a short documentary about surfing in the winter seas in the UK. from North Coast Wetsuits on Vimeo.

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