Wetsuit and windfoil sail testing with Tom Pringuer.

Wetsuit and windfoil sail testing with Tom Pringuer.

Wetsuit and windfoil equipment is now applicable to the yoof. And we’re not talking about young ‘uns who dabble. We’re on about proper performance kit for those kids that can.

Tom Pringuer windsurfing.

If you haven’t heard about Tom Pringuer before then he’s a south coast windsurfer and foiler who’s doing good things. Recently Tom was handed a brand new NCW front zip winter wetsuit. He also was given the new Tahe Techno Wind Foil 6.3m sail to test.

Judging from the pics and videos we’ve seen (courtesy of dad Mike) it was a big thumbs up from Tom.

Tom’s wetsuit.

Here at NCW we believe in giving kids and teens the best gear. As an adult, you demand it so why not the same for your offspring? Our winter chest zip wetsuits for youths will keep your kids super warm and toasty. Yet perform just as well as anything comparable in adult sizes. Durable and hard wearing these 5mm wetsuits are super warm, up to the job and will last for the long haul.

Round a windfoil gybe with NCW’s youth chest zip winter wetsuit.

Also, note we cater to even younger children as well. As with Tom’s suit, they also benefit from the same manufacturing and design traits. This means they too will have an NCW wetsuit as good as mum and dad’s.

Tom’s windfoil sail.

The sail Tom’s using is a Tahe Techno Wind Foil 6.3m. Designed with windsurf foiling in mind it’s a specific tool. Coming from our sister brand (Foilshop UK) the Tahe Techno Wind Foil 6.3m sail will suit youths and adults alike looking for a light wind weapon.

Flying along with the Tahe Technoe WInd Foil 6.3m sail.

These sails will be available from Foilshop UK imminently. So keep your eyes peeled. Meanwhile, check out the full product spec for Tom’s wetsuit via the link below.

And if you want to see how Tom progresses with his watery shenanigans then his Facebook page can be found here.