Wetsuit Repairs & Alterations

NCW offers a bespoke wetsuit repair and alteration service. We work with surf wetsuits, dive wetsuits, triathlon and open water wetsuits. In fact anything neoprene. We appreciate not all body shapes are the same. Sometimes getting the right fit is tricky. And this can go for both wetsuits themselves but also accessories like wetsuit socks. Plus we can offer a one off build service on most neoprene products including items for those with special needs and limited mobility and so on.

Wetsuits can also, along the way, pick up damage. The environments we wear wetsuits in often lead to nicks, tears and holes.

These two points above are what led us here at NCW to invest in a specific sewing machine for the repair and alteration of wetsuits. Without this kind of apparatus, we wouldn’t be able to offer the wetsuit repair and alteration service we do. Not just any old machine this little beauty is a heavy duty, built for purpose work horse.

Combined with our in house seamstresses (Becci’s) dab hand skills and you have a bespoke service that we’re proud of. Becci has a long history of making bespoke garments. So it was easy for her to transfer these skills to wetsuits.

There aren’t many other wetsuit brands able to offer what NCW does in terms of wetsuit repairs and alterations. Which is why we shout about it a lot!

If you have a specific application then get in touch with us here at The Rubber Shack via our contact page.

Ladies wetsuit fully repaired

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If you take surfing as an example, where you’ll often be scrambling off and on your board and scuffing up your suit whilst on shore, it’s no wonder wetties end up with signs of wear.

For more idea of what we can do regarding wetsuit alterations and repairs check out the following articles.

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NCW has wetsuit glue, thread and a blindstitch sewing machine! And of course the skills of Becci, with a background in fashion design and manufacture, wetsuit repair inc. hand and machine stitching and marine product manufacture. Becci has also been repairing wetsuits for surf schools locally for many years too before she came on board with us.

So, we can offer a wide range of repairs and alterations from fixing seams to new panels, to fitting alterations! And it’s not just surf suits we can fix, we also offer a repair service on Triathlon and open water swim wetsuits along with dive wetsuits too. In fact if it’s neoprene we can fix it or make, we’ve even made gaskets for classic cars and many other odd items !

Seam repairs are usually a case of re-glue and re-stitch. NCW can also offer tape for the inside of the seam.

Panel replacements can vary from small panels to replace a damaged area, like the backside that usually gets worn or caught on rocks, to whole new panels. We can replace knee pads, smooth skin chest or back panels or neck seals.

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We do have new double lined neoprene in 3mm or 5mm, and we have new 4mm knee pad neoprene and 3mm smooth skin, so any panels that are larger or if you’d prefer the option of new neoprene to repair your suit, don’t hesitate to ask. Where possible we re-use neoprene and zips that are still in excellent condition from other wetsuits that are no longer usable. Anything that cannot be re-purposed in wetsuit repairs is put into our pile of re-purpose for something else! Foot stools, dog beds, cup sleeves, the ideas list is endless. 


We also offer alterations on the suit you’re purchasing from us, or even if its from somewhere else! We know it can be a task finding the suit that fits you best because we’re different shapes and sizes and don’t all fit into the size chart boxes, so it’s great to be able to offer a service to make your wetsuit fit you perfectly.

We have also been making quick release belts (see article for more info), bodyboard leashes and boogie board bags. If you need something along these lines or have a specific idea in mind, please ask! We have had commissions for SUP leashes and surf ski that stemmed from the belly and board board leashes (originally for SharkBoy Bellyboards and hand planes/trays). Neoprene rucksack strap covers with Velcro to be able to change bags as the straps where uncomfortable for the client.

Price guide:

Seam repairs / minor holes and tears from £15
Panel replacement from £30
Zips from £60