NCW FAQs – all you need to know.

At North Coast Wetsuits we deal with a lot of different watersports and watersports equipment. Whilst our main, core offerings are wetsuits and wetsuit accessories there’s a lot of other stuff in the mix. We appreciate you may have questions. So with that in mind, we’ve put together this FAQ page which aims to address some of those queries. If you still can’t find the answers you’re looking for then get in contact with us directly.

Is NCW a surf shop?

Whilst we don’t offer an extensive range of surfboards we provide all the additional equipment and accessories you need for surfing. We do retail a small number of soft top surfboards, and can get hold of more. Our main focus with surfing, however, is wetsuits and wetsuit accessories. We’re well versed in what makes a good wetsuit for surfing as we surf ourselves. You can visit us directly at The Rubber Shack or have a browse online. We consider ourselves to be a surf shop in the traditional sense. You can smell the wax and rubber when you walk in! 

Is NCW environmentally friendly?

North Coast Wetsuits aims to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. Personally, we’re conscious about the planet and our impact on it. This knocks onto NCW business practises and actually everything we do.

In a bid to keep unnecessary rubber out of landfill we run a part exchange programme, where you can trade in your old wetsuit for something new. More than that, however, we offer a repair service whereby NCW will make your suit as good as new. Also, we sell used and pre-loved suits. And if we really can’t repair it or sell it as used then we’ll do our best to upcycle and recycle. You can find out more about these points here.

Where is NCW located?

NCW’s The Rubber Shack is based within the grounds of Glebe Farm, St. Endellion. We’re close to Port Isaac and just a stone’s throw away from some of North Cornwall’s renowned surfing real estate such as Polzeath. If you’re planning a visit you’ll find directions here.

Are NCW wetsuits made in Cornwall?

NCW is a homegrown UK watersports brand. We sell wetsuits and wetsuit accessories predominantly, although there are plenty more products in our catalogue too. All NCW wetsuits are designed and tested in UK water by UK riders. Products are put through their paces in real world situations that ensure each item can be trusted to protect and be as performance oriented as you need. We use overseas manufacturers to produce NCW wetsuits and accessories once designs and sizing have been finalised. These companies are chosen from our experience of working with many different organisations over the years. We trust our suppliers and believe in their expertise. This ensures you, the customer, will receive a quality product that’s fit for purpose. Unfortunately, due to the costs it would take NCW wetsuits and wetsuit accessories aren’t made in Cornwall. Most other wetsuit brands also have their kit made overseas. We strive to offset any negative environmental impact this may cause. You can read about NCW’s sustainable and green approach here.

NCW 3/2 mm full length back zip wetsuit with GBS seams and stretch neoprene. #2
NCW- a Cornish brand through and through.

Does NCW hire wetsuits?

NCW doesn’t hire wetsuits. Instead, we sell NCW branded wetsuits and accessories which are priced competitively. We also sell some third party brand wetsuits that we think are worth it. For those on a tight budget, there’s the option of purchasing a used wetsuit from NCW. We take in pre-loved suits and give them a new lease of life. This can be a good option if you’re not in a position to buy new. There’s also an option for part exchange which you can find out about here.

Does NCW hire surfboards?

We don’t hire surfboards but we can offer FREE hire of bellyboards. Bellyboarding is an easily accessible form of riding waves that doesn’t require as much experience as surfing. If you’re looking for some easy going fun in the waves this’ll probably tick all the boxes.

Bellyboard hire available from NCW.

Will NCW repair my surfing equipment?

NCW isn’t in a position to offer surfboard repairs, although we may be able to give some advice on where to get this done. What we do provide, however, is a wetsuit repair and alterations service. Utilising our in house seamstress skills we can often make your damaged wetsuit like new again. And if you’re struggling to get the right fit with a wetsuit or wetsuit accessory we may be able to alter the garment(s) in question to get the correct fit. You can find out more about this service here.

Does NCW sell kid’s surfing equipment?

As stated above NCW doesn’t sell surfing hardware per se. We do, however, have a large range of kid’s wetsuits and wetsuit accessories. In fact, our reputation for great quality and affordable kid’s wetsuits and wetsuit accessories precedes us. It’s one of the main things we’re known for. Have a look at our kid’s kit page here.

What other watersports equipment does NCW deal with?

Here at NCW, we’re a lover of all watersports, and we have members of the team who practise a wide variety of these disciplines. We’re (obviously) lovers of surfing, but we’re into fringe surf riding – such as mat surfing, bodysurfing, bellyboarding and so on. Some of our NCW riders have a penchant for paddle sports such as prone paddling, surf ski and SUP. Others like a bit of a blow and use this for windsurfing and kiting. Wild swimming is always a going concern. And then there are a few who mix it up with the new school riding style of foiling. Wing, SUP, surf, prone, pump and eFoil are all good in our book. So much so that we have a sister dedicated to the cause – Foilshop UK which you can visit here. The one thing common across all these sports is NCW wetsuits and accessories work for all disciplines at all times of year.

Windsurfing is a going concern for NCW.

Does NCW cater for land based activities?

We sure do! As much as water (the ocean, lakes and rivers) are our bread and butter, we also love an outdoor adventure ramble, or a spot of climbing or just relaxing in a hammock swinging through the breeze. And you guessed it! We have a selection of products that are perfect for your outdoor adventures. You can find those here

NCW bags put to good use during a Snowdon summit.

Does NCW sell skateboards?

NCW’s history with skateboarding is long and varied. And we’re now in a position to offer a selection of longboard style skateboards for cruising and rolling on the flat. Whilst we appreciate the street skating element we feel other retailers are better suited to offer that type of equipment. NCW’s skateboard products are more about enjoying the outdoors in another way. Longboard skating is also a little like surfing in terms of flow so there’s synergy. You can find the NCW skateboarding page here.

NCW loves skateboarding and sells a variety of longboard style set ups.

Are all products in stock at NCW’s Rubber Shack?

Having The Rubber Shack showroom means we can keep a large selection of gear on the premises. That’s great for anyone visiting and wanting to check out the kit in the flesh. It also means anyone ordering online will have their orders fulfilled (mostly) by the next working day (for mainland UK addresses). In some cases, however, we work on a dropship basis. Anything ordered that comes directly from the manufacturer (such as windsurfing kit for instance) will receive their goods in around five working days. In many cases, it’ll be faster than this. But we quote longer to avoid disappointment. We’ll always let you know if there’s a delay as we’re in contact with suppliers regularly. If you have any queries about any products please message us.

The Rubber Shack - our showroom and surf shop in North Cornwall
The Rubber Shack – our showroom and surf shop in North Cornwall which carries lots of stock!

So are NCW stock levels always up to date?

Any gear we keep at The Rubber Shack, here in Cornwall, is as you see live on the site. If there’s any issue we try to alert customers and potential customers. For items shipped directly from the manufacturer, we try to keep on top of what’s available and what’s not. We do have to rely on what their system is telling us, however, which in some cases isn’t always updated. In some cases, a product may be ordered and then not be available from the supplier. If this happens we’ll get a lead time and inform you promptly. You’re then free to wait or be refunded. It’s your call.

SUP kit Stand up paddle boarding North Coast Wetsuits
Some products are shipped direct from the supplier.

How do I make payment to NCW?

NCW tries to make things as efficient as possible for all our customers, including paying for goods. We appreciate it’s not always possible to pay for higher price ticket items in one go. That’s why we’ve implemented payment strategies like Klarna. Klarna allows buyers to spread the cost of their purchase interest free. You can find out more about Klarna payments here. You also can pay by card online, or over the phone or by cash in store when visiting The Rubber Shack. 

Who do you use for delivery?

All our shipping info, for products we send out from The Rubber Shack here in Cornwall, can be found here.

What about returns?

If you want to return any good purchased from NCW we ask that it be sent back, at the buyer’s cost, unused and in sale condition within 30 days. Any tags, labels and attachments need to be intact. Once we have the returned items a refund will be issued.  You can find out more about returning goods to NCW here.

You can return products in an unused state fit for sale.

Can you try before you buy?

NCW doesn’t offer a try before buy option. But, as with the above section about returns, if you try something on or find the product isn’t suitable, as long as it’s undamaged and in a saleable condition you can return it.

What other services do you offer?

We mentioned NCW’s bespoke repair and alteration service for wetsuits above. If you’re having trouble finding the correct fitting wetsuit or wetsuit accessory we may be able to alter an NCW product in house to accommodate your needs. You can find out more about how we’ve helped others in the following posts – 

Are there any watersports resources available on NCW’s website?

Whilst NCW is in the business of selling wetsuits and watersports equipment we also try to impart knowledge. By publishing information about all watersports we hope to signpost further ways to enjoy your watersports and outdoor activities. After all, if you’re having a better time then you’re more likely to stick with it. And that’s a good thing. There are many knowledge resources on NCW website. You can find much of that by following these links –

Surfing knowledge

Wild swimming knowledge

Stand up paddle boarding knowledge

Kid’s wetsuit knowledge

Outdoor adventure knowledge

Windsurfing knowledge

Hydrofoiling knowledge

A brief history of wetsuits and how they work

Wetsuit care

You can find even more info on NCW’s blog here. If you feel there’s something missing or want to see something specific then get in touch. We’re also open to contributions based on your own experiences, whatever your skill level.

We know many different watersports from a participation point of view.

I’m not into watersports, I just want to mess about at the beach. Can NCW cater to my needs?

If you’re just into family beach days, rock pooling with the kids and mooching about coastal venues you’re speaking our language. Whilst we love a wave or two we’re also pretty happy to just be beside the seaside. You may be the same, in which case step forward. NCW is an inclusive brand with products to suit also scenarios and applications – no elitist attitudes here! Whatever your situation we’re happy to have a chat and walk you through options. At NCW we’re friendly and approachable so don’t hesitate to message us.

NCW caters for beach messing as much as watersports.

And what about adaptive watersports? Can you cater for riders in this situation too?

As we said above NCW is all about inclusivity. There’s plenty of evidence on our website how we’ve helped adaptive riders. Check out this post about Stephen Lighbown from our blog to give you an idea.

NCW caters for adaptive surfers and watersports enthusiasts.

Does NCW sponsor riders?

NCW does have a roster of supported riders. We don’t sponsor them per se, in the sense of giving out paychecks. These riders are all instead NCW ambassadors who are happy to use our products and give some promotion in return for a limited amount of wetsuit gear. We’re not able to do the same with hardware, unfortunately. Whilst we’re happy to receive supported rider requests we will say we’re very picky about who we add to the list. Far too many in the past have been happy to receive gear handouts but have delivered nothing in return. In situations like this, it’s important that the street is two way. If you think you can positively contribute to NCW and help with brand awareness and exposure then certainly give us a shout. You can find out who our team riders are here.

Leigh Anderson, surf lifesaving champion, is one of NCW’s team riders.

Does NCW collect your personal data?

NCW does collect a small amount of user browsing data, in line with GDPR regulations. This is so we can accurately asses how NCW’s website performs and where we need to make changes. We will not sell you r data to third parties. You can see our privacy policy, T&Cs and info here.

If you feel we’ve missed something or still have questions please get in touch with us.