NCW’s environmentally sustainable approach.

NCW’s environmentally sustainable approach.

NCW’s environmentally sustainable approach

Being green and environmentally conscious isn’t always easy. For some it takes a paradigm shift in thinking and actions. Recycling your empty bottles is one thing but going further takes work. Yet it’s work we all need to do – for businesses and individuals alike.

As a small, family run business North Coast Wetsuits do as much as we can to impact the planet positively. Individually we’re conscious about sustainability and green issues. We therefore act accordingly; always have done and continue to do so, in an often subconscious way. This crosses over to NCW as a business. Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what green actions we take, because of naturally occurring practises. But we think it’s important to communicate this. Rather than be perceived as just another wetsuit business wanting to make a quick buck and not giving consideration to the planet’s well being.

Watersports and associated equipment products.

Wetsuits are very much needed for cold waters. If you plan on participating in watersports, outside of those few high season months (where you’ll still most likely require neoprene), rubberised protection is a must. There are very few locations where some degree of neoprene barrier isn’t required.

Watersports are a fun and positive way to spend your time. In the past, the equipment needed to be involved with your chosen discipline hasn’t always been the most environmentally friendly. From materials used to the actual manufacturing process; shipping the goods across the globe; packaging and the carbon footprint left by actually getting products to end users the whole situation adds to Mother Nature’s burden. Fortunately, many brands and businesses have woken up to their impact and now look for ways of redressing the balance and taking positive steps to reduce their impact. North Coast Wetsuits is one of these.

Environmentally green steps in the right direction.

Everything we do in our daily life is done with being green in mind. For North Coast Wetsuits we take things a step further. Some of our strategies aren’t new – we’ve been at it for years. But we’d like to draw some attention to these facts as we know customers (and prospective customers) are aware of the need to purchase from businesses who are less harmful to the planet.

Giving used and preloved wetsuit products like this a new lease of life is one way NCW strives to do its bit for the environment.

So what exactly does NCW do take make a small difference and play its part?

  • We buy used wetsuits. This is a big one as we don’t know too many other brands that do the same. If an old wetsuit can be repaired and sold on as a preloved type then we do so. This saves the customer some cash whilst stopping old rubber from ending up in landfills. Hit the link here to find out more about NCW’s used wetsuit initiative.
  • We upcycle, reuse and refresh. If preloved wetsuits we take in are too worn to sell on as second hand we aim to make something new from salvaged parts. And it isn’t just wetsuits either. NCW keeps hold of and hoards most things as we can usually find a use for these ‘bits’ down the line. Nothing gets chucked out! Having an in-house repair and remake facility is great for achieving the aforementioned. You can see one example of how NCW does this with stand up paddle board leash quick release belts here.
  • The majority of our packaging is recycled and/or reused. And we aim to utilise suppliers that can provide reusable and recyclable packaging. Most of NCW’s suppliers have their own environmental impact policy in place so this is sometimes easier than at once thought.
Becci in the bin! Recycling all that old cardboard packaging.
  • Our major delivery courier has a carbon neutral policy. Which is one of the reasons we use their services for getting North Coast Wetsuits goods to the end user. The shipping of products across the UK is another big area that consumers (and we) feel impacts the environment negatively. So working with a company that has in place said policy should inspire confidence that all parts of the NCW machine are working together with environmental sustainability being the end result.
  • NCW’s wetsuit raw materials manufacturers are taking steps to become carbon neutral. Whilst NCW designs and carries out wetsuit R&D on the ground in Cornwall we have to actually get our wetsuits produced elsewhere. The manufacturers we use have environmental policies in place aimed at reducing their own impact on the planet. And in the next few years, their aim is to become completely carbon neutral. If you wish to view our raw materials manufacturer’s environmental policy you can do so upon request.

What the future holds.

We appreciate there’s much more to do. Everyone has to work together to improve things, for the good of the planet. Fortunately, our customers and brand partners (being outdoor loving types) all appreciate the situation and are doing their utmost to exist in harmony with Mother Nature.

Cornish winter walks, crisp blue skies and long shadows.
To maintain scenic views like this we all need to be environmentally conscious and do things in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way.

The bottom line with any business is to make money. But that doesn’t mean to the detriment of where we live. Moving forwards NCW will be looking for further ways we can grow a more environmentally sustainable and ethically focused brand. If you have any suggestions of ways we may achieve this then get in touch.