NCW 2mm thermal short john wetsuit
NCW 2mm thermal lined Short JohnNCW 2mm thermal neoprene short john wetsuitMark Kay in action wearing our wetsuit short john - 2mm thermal lined2mm thermal Short John wetsuit - interior2mm thermal Short John wetsuit - closureNCW 2mm short john under wetsuitNCW 2mm short john

Short John Thermal Lined 2mm Shoulder Opening Wetsuit


2mm Neoprene ‘Short John’ wetsuit with thermal linning – and has a shoulder opening for easy fit.

We find these as warm as a standard 3mm unlined suit – BUT – being 2mm gives you more flexibility.

Wear just as a Short John suit alone for WARMER times OR UNDER your wetsuit for extra warmth in COLD winter waters.

They can be worn under a winter steamer or even summer suit if you wish to extrend the suits seasonal use. Use along with one of our thermal hooded rash vests if you really feel the cold.

Very popular product with open water / wild swimmers, kayakers, Sup’ers and snorkelers too.

These Short Johns come with a thermal watersport fleece lining and are thin enough to get under your wetsuit for added winter warmth.  They have a Velcro shoulder enter and are nice and easy to get into.

You’ll find similar products online and in stores at around £35 – buy one of ours for just £25.69


Size Height Chest Waist Hips
Small 5’4″-5’7″ (162-168cm) 34″-36″(86-91cm) 27″-29″(69-74cm) 32″-34″(81-86cm)
Small Tall 5’8″- 6′ (169-180cm) 34″-36″(86-91cm) 27″-29″(69-74cm) 32″-34″(81-86cm)
Medium Small 5’6″-5’9″ (167-175cm) 36″-38″(91-97cm) 29″-31″(64-79cm) 32″-34″(81-86cm)
Medium Small Tall 5’10”-6’2″ (176-187cm) 36″-38″(91-97cm) 29″-32″(64-79cm) 32″-34″(81-86cm)
Medium 5’8″-5’10” (172-178cm) 38″-41″(97-104cm) 31″-34″(79-86cm) 35″-39″(90-98cm)
Medium Tall 5’11”-6’2″ (180-187cm) 38″-41″(97-104cm) 32″-34″(79-86cm) 36″-39″(90-98cm)
Medium Large 5’10”-6’2″ (178-187cm) 40″-44″(102-109cm) 35″-37″(88-94cm) 38″-41″(96-104cm)
Large Short 5’7″-5’11” (170-180cm) 42″-45″(107-114cm) 35″-38″(89-96cm) 40″-43″(102-109cm)
Large 6’0″-6’4″ (182-193cm) 42″-45″(107-114cm) 35″-38″(89-96cm) 40″-43″(102-109cm)
Xtra Large 6’2″-6’4″ (187-193cm) 44″-47″(112-119cm) 37″-39″(94-99cm) 42″-45″(107-114cm)
Xtra Xtra Large 6’2″-6’4″ (187-193cm) 46″-49″(117-125cm) 39″-42″(99-106cm) 44″-46″(112-117cm)

JULY 2016 – CHECK THIS OUT : Sponsored Wind Rider Mark Kay, UK National & World Champion; the Windsurf photo shows him competing in UKWA Cup Series 2016 (Raceboard) at Weymouth using our short john wetsuit. Mark says “fantastic suit, fits really well”. Using our suit in this comp. Mark came 1st Heavy, 1st Master and 2nd over all (despite the light winds). Great result and he is now leading the series…..

A recent buyer of our SJ said “Turned my normal 2 hour winter surf into a 4 hour surf and l left the water warm :)”