Kids Winter Wetsuits. Need a kids winter wetsuit ? Do your kids get really cold ? try our warmer all 5mm full kids & toddlers winter wetsuit.

Our kids winter suits are 5mm throughout the wetsuit where as many winter wetsuits are 5 and 3mm. This means ours winter wetsuit is often found to be much warmer but they still have plenty of flex being super stretch neoprene. The special blend of neoprene we use in our kids winter wetsuit is a very soft and comfortable super stretch which we find kids are really happy to wear.

Features included in our kids winter wetsuits :

• High quality “Comfort Super Stretch” neoprene for good snug and comfortable fit.
• All seams glued and blind stitched to prevent cold water seapage.
• Finemesh chest panel which helps to prevent wind chill.
• ‘Hi Vis’ neoprene on shoulders so you can see your child in the water.
• Heavy duty back zip with velcro zip stop and interior zipper inset seam to reduce water flushing.