Available for ages 1 to 14 | 2mm thermal Long John Wetsuits for kids!

Great for both boys & girls. These have a Velcro shoulder entry and are also easier to put on than a full suit. Some kids just don’t get on with trying to get into a full wetsuit in our experience. A Long John is ideal if they are running about on the beach and paddling. They won’t get too warm like they may do in a full wetsuit on a hot sunny day. Our Long John has a thermal watersport fleece lining which we find makes them as warm as a tradional 3mm wetsuit once in the water. Wear with one of our long sleeve rash vests for full sun protection.

Being nice and thin you can get one of these under a winter wetsuit for extra warmth in cold winter waters or under their summer suit to extend the suits seasonal use into the winter. Do your little ones really feel the cold ? try your kids in one of these along with one of our thermal hooded kids rash vests under their wetsuit.

Kids suits are hard to size as all ages comes in different shapes and sizes!! Please measure from their lower ankle (where trousers would end) across the front of the body to the lower centre neck (where a t-shirt crew neck centre would sit) and this will give you the measurement for the sizes in cm.

See below for size information