NCW watersports gear scenarios: NCW 15L roll top inflatable tow float dry bag 100% waterproof (kiddy wild swimming).

The army of wild swimmers continues to grow exponentially as H2O addicted types seek to get outdoors and immerse themselves along (and in) all manner of waterways. From inland lakes/rivers to seaside estuaries and open surf beaches those indulging in open water swimming are many as it stands. And it doesn’t show signs of slowing down…

As with all NCW’s products, there are many different applications these pieces of kit fit. NCW’s roll top inflatable tow float 100% waterproof dry bag may be designed with wild swimming in mind but it could also fit stand up paddle boarding, where you need a secure and visible bag for your belongings. A whole host of other scenarios exist also.

If you’re a child, who just has to take her favourite dolly on a wild swimming sesh, then this will be classed as an essential and need to be kept secure and dry whilst in the brine. Any moisture leakage, resulting in the dolly getting wet, will inevitably result in tears. So it’s key the bag does its job! Fortunately, the 15L roll top inflatable tow float 100% waterproof dry bag is well up for the task – as you can see in the accompanying vid. No leakages, no tears and (instead) plenty of smiles.

As an aside the bag also makes a great ride on inflatable unicorn, apparently!

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