kids / childrens full 3mm wetsuit
Kids 3mm full wetsuit

Kids & Junior 3mm Full Wetsuit All Watersports / Beach Use


Wetsuits for kids! Great for both boys & girls, keeping them nice & warm with full SPF protection to keep them safe in and out of the water all year round!

Features include :
• High quality neoprene.
• Flatlock seam construction.
• Finemesh chest panel.
• ‘Hi Vis’ neoprene. on shoulders so you can see your child in the water.
• Heavy duty back zip with interior zipper inset seam to reduce water flushing

Kids suits are hard to size as all ages comes in different shapes and sizes!! Please measure from their lower ankle (where trousers would end) across the front of the body to the lower centre neck (where a t-shirt crew neck centre would sit) and this will give you the measurement for the sizes in cm.

Baby size (XS) is £26.95 and all other smaller kids sizes are all £29.95

XS = 63 cm … (for babies of 1 to 2 years)

S = 70 cm … (most 3/4 year olds)

M = 80 cm … (most 4/5 year olds)

L = 88 cm … (most 5/6 year olds)

XL = 94 cm … (most 6/7 year olds)

2XL = 106 cm … (most 7/8 year olds)

JUNIOR SUITS, for ages around 8 to 14 years, size info below.
All junior sizes £37.95

Junior small – for ages 8 / 9 / 10 (lower ankle to neck measurement across the body approx. 112cm)

Junior medium – for ages 10 / 11 / 12 (lower ankle to neck measurement across the body approx. 121cm)

Junior large – for ages 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 (lower ankle to neck measurement across the body approx. 128cm)

Also available Junior XL & 2XL for tall slim builds – contact us for details

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