4/3 backzip winter steamer wetsuit
NCW gulf stream 4/3 backzip surf wetsuit

Gulf Stream 4/3 back zip winter steamer wetsuit


High quality 4/3 ‘Gulf Stream’ back zip full length steamer wetsuit, designed for use in cold UK waters, made with glued, blind stitch seams, hot melt tape seams.

This season our suits are being worn by our sponsored rider, Rich Smith, winner of the 2012 UK knee board championship open and former WORLD Knee board surf champion.

Features include :

  • High quality heat retaining nitrogen blown neoprene.
  • Glued, blind stitched and hot meal heat taped seam construction. The warmest seam available. These seams are glued and then stitched 1/2 way through so the water won’t enter the suit through the seam holes and finally they are heat taped inside the suit resulting in a suit that stays warmer and dryer.
  • Smoothskin roll over collar with velcro fastening to reduce water flushing.
  • Smoothskin wrist and ankle seals to reduce water flushing.
  • Super stretch neoprene underarms/joints for ease of paddling.
  • Heavy duty back zip with interior rubberised zipper inset seam to reduce water flushing.
  • Zipper with Velcro zipper top stop/ tail fastener
  • Rubberized heavy duty PU ink Knee-pads.
  • Key pouch.

These are high build quality 4mm suits with 3mm inserts in the flex areas.

See our Wetsuit Size Guide before purchasing.
(NOTE we have currently sold out of SMALL TALL)

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