Weather changes, January 2024 onwards.

Weather in the UK is so changeable. One minute it’s wet and windy then the next it’s sunny and cold. During the last few weeks, it’s certainly been mild. However, this has been accompanied by pretty soggy and blowy conditions. We know most are fed up with it. But a change is afoot (if you believe weather forecasts). It seems we’re about to experience something more akin to winter. And this means there’ll probably be cleaner surf on teh cards but you’ll need more wetsuit protection.

Weather long range predictions for January.

With all the rain we’ve currently had sluicing down there are many who’ll be welcome of a change. If everything does as the forecasters suggest then we possibly be getting some winter sunshine. But that doesn’t go hand in hand with warm weather. It’ll most likely be cold. Some are even suggesting it’ll turn pretty Baltic by the end of the month. As yet though the forecast model outputs are all over the shop so nothing is guaranteed on that front.

Here are a few quotes from the Met Office’s long range weather forecast for Sun Jan 7 and beyond. ‘Into Sunday and the new week broadly settled conditions quite widely across the country, with colder conditions and some frosty nights.’ ‘Occasional unsettled spells are still possible later in the period, but these generally much more regionalised, and infrequent than of late.’

Further in Januray 2023.

This is where things get really interesting on the weather front. Again, this is what the Met Office say for the period Jan 17 – Jan 31.

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‘Compared to normal, there is an increased chance of colder than average conditions during this period. Currently the chance of widespread severe cold is still deemed low, but still the risk of impacts from cold, including ice and snow is greater than normal. It is likely to be drier than recent weeks, but what does fall is more likely to be of a wintry nature. While there is a chance of brief, unsettled spells, which would bring milder air for a time, it would likely also be accompanied by a period of sleet or snow. However, when, or even if, this would happen is very uncertain, and overall the main theme will be much more in the way of settled conditions through this period.’ You can see the full Met Office long range weather forecast here.

The bottom line.

Even without the risk of colder weather winter is a time any surfer needs to wear thicker rubber wetsuits. But with a heading our way those other ‘bits’ such as wetsuit boots, gloves, and hats should also be considered.

For sure, it’ll be a welcome respite from gales and torrential rain we’ve had lately. Settled weather may help on the surfing wave front. Just make sure you’re adequately prepared with all your other gear. Don’t forget North Coast Wetsuits supplies everything the winter surfer needs.

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