Skateboarding modifications for more surf feels.

Skateboarding comes in many flavours. Here at NCW, we’re big fans of surf skating, longboarding and cruising. We do our fair share of park riding, but we certainly ain’t chucking ourselves down flights of stairs. That can be left to the young ‘uns. Something else we love with skateboarding is the ability to mod your setup and increase those surf feels.

Skateboarding mods for the win.

There’s something about tinkering with skateboarding setups and changing the feels. Swapping out and changing things like wheels, trucks, bushings and so on can lend a personal touch to what you ride. It can also change how you ride.

From this (above) to this (below)

Recently we’ve been faffing about skate wheels and trucks. In particular, the Waterborne Skateboards surf adapter. If we had to put a million on it we’d say surf skating is where our hearts lie at NCW. And the Waterborne Skateboards surf adaptor delivers it in droves.

Surf skating?

Surf skating is a fringe discipline with skateboarding that focuses on the enhanced carving ability of your sled. With a specially designed front truck, that has extreme pivot angles, riders can mimic the surfing experience on land.

The Waterborne Skateboards surf adapter truck.

But don’t get us wrong. Surf skating is its own thing rather than just trying to copy surfing. It can be done in skate parks (which we love) on the flat or enhanced even more by adding wings for wing skating or poles for land paddling. It is versatile and diverse. Hence we’re smitten.

Check out the accompanying article pics to see how our set up has been altered (for the better). And then head over NCW’s skateboarding section for more.