The bleddy weather: cold November end 2023 update.

The bleddy weather continues to annoy some. Others may see recent predictions as a welcome respite to the recent run of wet and windy conditions. One thing’s for sure, however, is we’re not going to be shoveling heaps of snow from driveways snowmageddon style as some tabloid fodder would have you believe. But a chiller turn is almost definitely on the cards, as we reported in this post from last week.

The bleddy weather as of Nov 22. 2023.

Mother Nature is certainly changing her mood right now. As of today, Nov 22, 2023, the chill has already started to set in with much lower air temperatures than recently. This trend looks almost certain to continue into next week,

A quote from our friends at UK Weather Forecasts as follows: ‘The latest GFS sticks to its guns with an easterly showing for next week. Plenty of cold air to tap into further down the line! Looking solid from all of the models so far today. Can we maintain it on the 12z outputs this evening? Hopefully! Chart is for next Wednesday.’

What this means on the ground (and in the water).

Even though sea temperatures are still pretty good we’ll now see the dip start and everything get colder. Air thermometer readings will take the lead but whilst water readings will lag they’ll soon catch up. The upshot being if you’re not already wearing a winter wetsuit then you certainly need to soon. Same goes for wetsuit boots, gloves and headgear.

For outdoor adventurers additional layers such as Sherpa fleece lined hoodies, beanie hats and so on will become regulation. We’ll hopefully get some sunshine with this particular spell, as can often be the case with winter high pressure in control. As such a decent pair of sunnies – like I-Sea specs – may still be required. Whatever the actual outcome for weather we all need the right kit for outdoor and water play so our advice is to get yourself sorted now with North Coast Wetsuits.

NCW stocks all the essentials you’ll need for winter sea frolics and land based outdoor adventures. Head over to the webshop for more. Or contact us with any queries.