The bleddy weather – a drier colder end to November 2023?

The bleddy weather has been pretty appalling in general through 2023. A slow start to high season, with wet conditions and a cooler feel did then see a brief respite around May. Sunny blue skies and slightly warmer thermometer readings materialised. But high season then reverted back to changeable conditions. Of late (autumn 2023) has been blustery and it sluicing down. Perhaps, however, we’re on course for a change.

The bleddy weather for the end of November 2023.

There’s still a little time before we reach the last week of November. And it looks as though it’ll remain windy and damp until we do. Signs, however, are for things to change. In particular, it’ll become more settled, with a splash of sun and less wind. The caveat to this is it’ll be cooler. Although I’m sure if this does come to fruition then most of us will welcome a less moist and colder period.

Maybe we’ll get a period of fine, dry and sunny weather like this.

How long this may last is still out for debate. Sensationalist tabloid newspaper headlines will always try to convince you of snowmageddon. This isn’t likely. What’s more probable is a continuation of colder conditions – it is the end of the year after all – or a return to blustery and rainy weather. So we’ll have to see. Check out the Met Office long range forecast here.

What this means for surfers and other watersports aficionados.

Anyone still in the brine currently will be wrapped in thicker rubber – of that there’s no question. The bleddy weather of autumn requires this to be the case. It’s not been super cold. Far from it. But equally, it isn’t summer.

Don’t forget to upgrade your kid’s wetsuit kit for colder weather.

Heading towards the end of November and December will certainly require even more protection when entering the ocean. Especially if it does go cold. A thicker wetsuit – at least 5mm – with some additional layering underneath like a thermal rash vest. Wetsuit boots, maybe gloves and possibly a hood will all serve surfers well when it’s chilly. Check out NCW’s range of new wetsuits here and NCW wetsuit accessories here. And don’t forget your kids if they’re likely to keep getting wet. NCW’s range of kid’s gear can be found here.

North Coast Wetsuits to the rescue.

If you haven’t already got yourself a decent winter wetsuit then North Coast Wetsuits are here to help. The same goes for all those essential wetsuit accessories. And don’t worry if you haven’t got a budget for new gear. As we’ve often promoted NCW does a decent line of used and second hand wetsuits for those looking for a quality wetsuit at a more affordable. And don’t forget we also offer a part exchange service too.

A used second hand winter wetsuit maybe just the job for you to keep surfing in colder weather.

So fingers crossed the spell of dry and brighter weather swings in. Hopefully, that’ll make the surf do good things and entice you into the water. And don’t worry about your wetsuit kit. Get in touch with us here at NCW’s The Rubber Shack to see how we can fit you out, whatever your financial situation.