Retro wetsuits – some of what we have in stock.

Retro wetsuits have an appeal all of their own. Whilst some collect vintage surfboards and skateboards here at NCW we have a penchant for old school rubber. And there are some classics out there! With NCW’s part exchange wetsuit service – which you can find out more about here – we come across all manner of retro rubber. Here’s a selection of what’s in The Rubber Shack currently.

Classic beaver tail wetsuit jacket.

This classic beauty is probably one of the most retro wetsuit garments we currently have. It shows how things once were with the heavy duty front zipper and press studs. A true retro bit of kit!

1980s Dolphin long john.

This style of wetsuit is still available today, albeit with updated colour schemes. Back in the day, at windsurfing’s inception, this was the suit of choice for wind riders. Long John suits are still worn as stand alone wetties on fair weather days. Or they can be used as part of a layering system.

Bolero wetsuit jacket.

Whilst certainly retro you can still get Bolero style wetsuit jackets that can be worn for a variety of different disciplines. This one, however, is a classic from back in the day.

Piping Hot wetsuit.

This classic Piping Hot wetsuit is all the way from Torquay, Australia. The brand is still going today.

Gul 80s Power wetsuit.

Gul need no introduction. A heritage brand that’s been around for years their wetsuits have been worn by many. The 80s Power suit, shown here, a classic from the era.

JAG shortie wetsuit.

A local Cornish brand JAG wetsuits are well liked. This shortie wetsuit from back in the day with seams on the inside. Rash vest definitely needed!

All these suits are in good condition, despite their age, and could be used without issue today. They may be retro wetsuits but there’s still life in them yet. Just recently we had a visit from a pair of old school longboard surfers who wanted wetsuits to match their riding style. As we had stock we were only happy to oblige.

From an eco point of view wearing a wetsuit such as the above is a way to keep our planet green. It also shows you don’t always need the absolute latest design of wetsuit for functionality. A good quality, retro wetsuit can work fine.

Get in touch with us if you want to discuss pre-loved, used wetsuits here.

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