Part exchange wetsuit deals – we do them!

Part exchange wetsuit deals are something NCW offer regularly. As well as our mightily popular used and pre-loved wetsuit offerings we’re able to take trade-ins of your old wetsuits for new. In a nutshell, giving you options and affordable ones at that is what we’re all about.

How do NCW part exchange wetsuit deals work?

We rolled out our NCW part exchange wetsuit deals programme earlier in 2023. But we appreciate that sometimes things can be missed. So to reiterate how the whole thing works this post will point you in the right direction.

New wetsuit deals ahoy with NCW’s part exchange service.

So, as follows:

  • Drop us a line and tell us what you want to part exchange.
  • If possible, include some photos.
  • We’ll then give you an estimate of what the part ex value is likely to be.
  • You’ll then get an email with the estimated value.
  • Following that head to NCW’s website and make the purchase of which product you need.
  • Once we’ve received your part exchange wetsuit it’ll be inspected. 
  • We’ll take into account any repair work needed. 
  • This info will then be emailed along with the final value. 
  • As soon as we get an agreement back NCW will refund that amount against the new purchase you made online.

It really couldn’t be easier. In many cases, NCW part exchange deals will be the most suitable option for you to get hold of new rubber.

Wetsuit too past it for part exchange? Think again!

If you think your wetsuit is too past it, old school, worn out or broken for part exchange then think again. NCW can, in many cases, either resell or reuse in some fashion part exchanged wetsuits. Our ultimate goal is to keep petrochemical neoprene out of landfill whilst getting customers an upgrade.

Reckon your wetsuit is too old and past it for part exchange? Think again.

So don’t be shy in stepping forward with your rold wetsuit for part exchange. You may be surprised.

If you have any further questions about this or other options North Coast Wetsuit offers please get in touch here.