New NCW products: Indiana SUP paddles, Sharkboy Bellyboards, The Edge bodyboard fins, ASD Paipo Bodyboards.

New NCW watersports products have been added to always deliver the right tools for the job – whatever your watersports wants/needs.

Our webshop’s always chock full of good stuff but equally, we’re always adding to the range in a bid to make sure you get enough choice between entry level items, mid-tier goodies and high performance kit.

Indiana SUP paddles.

Indiana paddles are a new SUP brand for NCW. But we’re super impressed with what we’ve so far. With a wallet friendly for all budgets there are three different Indiana SUP paddles available to choose between. Check out the link below for more details.

Sharkboy Bellyboards.

Artisan products; what’s not to like? And Sharkboy Bellyboards – handmade in Lincolnshire – sure fit the description. We love these tailor made wave sliders and are confident you will too. If you’re looking for more originality from your bellyboard gear look no further.

The Edge bodyboard fins.

As we much as we appreciate ‘those who already do’ require the right gear beginner and improvers also need applicable equipment. Step forward The Edge bodyboard fins which are a great choice (and price) for wave chasers to get involved with. Hit the link below for more.

ASD Paipo Bodyboards.

Of course, if you’ve got the right fins you also need the complimentary board. Which is where the ASD Paipo Bodyboard range comes in. Sleds that won’t break the bank, yet equally will deliver smiles miles wide is just the ticket for anyone fancying some liquid wall riding fun this summer.

Don’t forget! If you need a hand or have any questions about these or any other NCW product please get in touch via the usual channels.