ASD Paipo 9T Bodyboards 33″ / 36″ / 38″ / 40″ / 42″ / 44″.

ASD Paipo 9T Bodyboards top quality bodyboards at a reasonable price. They’re ideal to start your bodyboarding adventure or progress your skills, keeping longevity and avoiding the throwaway, disposable nature of much cheaper and poorly constructed bodyboards.
ASD Paipo 9T Bodyboards 33  36  38  40  42  44
ASD tell us they’ve sold over 3000 9Tboards in 2021 and have had none back with faults. They are built to last, given the correct care. Not to be confused with cheaper products that end up in landfill every summer.
The Paipo 9T has a classic ‘all-round’ outline with 60/40 rails, crescent tail and channels. Suited to any type of wave and conditions. These are without doubt a brilliant start point for the rider keen to improve their bodyboarding.
  • EPS core
  • XPE deck skin.
  • Slick back with shaped crescent tail.
  • TekCell with channels
  • Crescent tail shape
  • Ready to go with leash plug

Note: board bags are also available in black and orange. The bags can hold x3 Paipo bodyboards and are £20. Contact us for more info.

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