Winter eBiking with NCW’s all weather neo jacket gear scenario.

Winter eBiking with NCW's all weather neo jacket gear scenario.

Winter eBiking with the pink fleck NCW neoprene weather proof jacket may be a strong look for some. But aesthetics aside there’s no doubting the performance of these new coats. And their use doesn’t have to be limited to watery applications. (Don’t worry, they come in more conservative colorways as well).

Winter eBiking.

As the weather gets cooler, and it becomes more difficult to get afloat for man, other ways of getting those kicks need to be sought. We’ve talked about the power (literally) of electrically powered land toys before. We’re big fans of e-powered vehicles. eBikes are one mode of transport that’s both fun and functional. Especially with off season weather conditions spreading more prevalently.

Keep dry, keep warm and stay mud free with NCW’s neo jacket. Winter eBiking was never so practical.

But as with everything you need the right kit to make your activities as fun as possible. And with NCW’s neo jacket Jack Frost and Mother Nature are no match. Super toasty, and extremely up to the job it’ll fend off the damp, mud and all kinds of wheel flicked debris. Winter eBiking – and cycling in general – never looked so good.

Watersports and getting wet.

Everyone knows though watersports are NCW’s bread and butter. Whilst winter eBiking is perfectly applicable for the neo jacket it’s also well positioned for all kinds of moist fun.

Winter eBiking with NCW's all weather neo jacket gear scenario.
NCW’s neo rigging jacket/coat in SUP mode.
  • Use as a rigging jacket for windsurfing/kitesurfing.
  • Use as an extra layer when stand up paddle boarding.
  • Use as a post-surf session heat up tool.
  • Use as an outdoor adventure ready rambling coat.
  • Use as a kayaking jacket.
  • Use to fight the wind and rain post-wild swimming.
  • Use for dinghy sailing, powerboat driving or jet skiing.

And so on… You get the idea. This is an extremely versatile bit of kit that we’ve put a lot of time and effort into testing and developing. You may fancy it for winter eBiking. Or may see its use lying somewhere else. Whatever the bottom line it’s an essential you should have in your ‘toy box’.

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