SUP surfing with NCW’s new 4/3mm wetsuit (video).

SUP surfing with NCW's new 4/3mm wetsuit (video).

We’ve talked about putting NCW’s brand new 4/3mm wetsuit through its paces already – wing and SUP foiling mode. To find out more about how the suit performs in stuck to water modes of riding we sent our subject out for a spot of stand up paddle surfing.

You can see from the accentuated movements of our rider in the vid how flexible a wetsuit needs to be for this type of ‘surfing’. And not lose any warmth we might add! Post-session it was a big thumbs up for the new NCW 4/3mm wetsuit which makes us chuffed!

NCW’s prototype 4/3mm wetsuit being tested in stand up paddle surfing mode.

These suits should be available (all being well) this side of Christmas 2020. Stay tuned for more updates about this and other new NCW products.