NCW’s new 4/3mm wetsuit review – the verdict.

NCW's new 4/3mm wetsuit review - the verdict.

Over recent weeks we’ve had our man from sister site Foilshop UK put the new NCW 4/3mm wetsuit through its paces. Across various disciplines, the prototype has been show to work extremely well. We wanted to get full feedback, however, so here are the findings.

NCW’s 4/3mm in wing foil mode.

‘The physical movements of foiling – wing foil, SUP foil and windfoil – means there needs to be efficient flexibility to the wetsuit being used. Especially around the upper body. Wing foiling in particular requires a lot of hauling oneself onto the board, knee starting and then holding the wing in a variety of positions. In front of the rider, side on to the wind, drifting in depower mode and up above the rider’s head.

With SUP foiling it’s about getting low to dig the paddle in before being proactive around the board’s deck as you fly along above the wave. Should you stack it then there’s a lot of push up style movements required to get back into position.

NCW’s 4/3mm in SUP foil mode.

Windfoiling, just like windsurfing, requires an uphauling start, whereby the sail’s hauled out of the brine and into position. It’s all quite physical and goes without saying that a wetsuit needs to be able to flex and stretch through all these movements, yet maintain durability and not scuff, wear or tear. And don’t forget the most important part of actually keeping the wearer warm.

The NCW 4/3mm does all the above supremely well. After rigorous testing the conclusion is the suit’s more than up to any watery task. Getting it on and off is a joy as the neoprene glides over limbs yet still has a snug fit in key areas. All in the new NCW 4/3m is a tip top product that any water baby would be happy to have in their kit bag.

Warm, flexibility and versatile is pretty much how we’d sum the suit up.’

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