The e-revolution: but there’s more ‘quirk’ to electric skateboards than you’d think…

Here at NCW we love a bit of skate action. Often we’ve been known to head beachside post-work for a spot of sideways slidin’ on the tarmac. Skateboards have been the saving grace of surfing since the concept was invented. Onshore days, junky surf, crowded/bombed out breaks are often sniffed at in favour of skatin’ by regular surfers, happier to wait it out until things improve – meantime’s spent shredding concrete.

In 2021 things have evolved considerably. Skateboards now come in all shapes and sizes, plus some have additional means of propulsion. E-skating has become quite popular and grown in tandem with the electric revolution as a whole.

Adding a battery assist to your normal mode of transport is very modern. Bikes, scooters, surfboards and skateboards all get the treatment. But there’s one hybrid that’s a little more attention grabbing (perhaps) than the others.

One wheel all terrain electric skateboards aren’t new per se – they’ve been around for a few years. But with 2020’s pandemic led staycation, plus furlough and additional windows of opportunity (read time) – because of all the above – a whole bunch more people have seen the appeal of one wheel hoverboards and taken the plunge.

You’ll probably recognise the face in the video as someone who gets to play with all manner of ‘toys’. Here he’s riding the Fly McConks one wheel Skatewheel. Using subtle bodyweight shifts the one wheel Skatewheel is encouraged forwards by leaning onto the front leg. This also increases speed. Lean back and things slow down or with weight kept here the deck changes direction. There’s no Bluetooth app controlling the SW, it’s just a case of charging and riding. Simples. Turning, or carving, is exactly the same as you’d do if riding a conventional skateboard so it’s intuitive to use for anyone familiar with board riding.

All in a one wheel electric hoverboard like this delivers a slightly different take on skating in general as well as the electric skateboard thing. As e-products continue to sell bucket loads maybe we’ll see more of these sleds appearing at your local?