Scootin’ and skatin’ – land based longboard fun sliding

Skateboards fit right in with surfboard quivers – and vice versa. Skaters surf and surfers skate, simples. And just as with surfboards a plethora of different skate styles and sleds cater for all manner of tastes.

A previous article featured NCW team rider Dan Taylor in asphalt riding form and here he is again (rocking one of NCW’s ts, if you hadn’t spotted). Bomb it, drop it, slide it, grind it or cruise it Dan is your archetypal longboard rider which pretty much mirrors his on water surf leanings.

When the waves go cruddy or you just can’t be bothered to don the rubber there’s always the deck waiting for you to give it some shred love. Head for a bit of undulated terrain and pump it or hit the bowl, get low and touch the ground, pivot style. If that ain’t floating your boat (or should that be board?) just go for a glide. And if you hadn’t already worked it out getting on yoru skates is a great way to travel to and from the beach for a surf. Two sports in one and eco-friendly to boot – it’s all good.

As summer approaches there will inevitable flat spells or periods of onshore slop which aren’t always attractive conditions. But with deck in hand there’s still a way to get your fix. And don’t forget NCW supply a range of terra firma goods to kit you out for skating or other land baaed activities.

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Stay loose…

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