NCW drybags – not just for surfing and the beach!

We do bags at NCW – something you probably know. The perception, however, is our range of drybags is just for wet day activities down the beach. Of course, this is certainly the case. The many styles you can choose from all do fantastic jobs of keeping wet gear dry and dry kit free of moisture. Plus, you can take them actually on the water as well i.e. lashed to the front of your stand up paddle board.

But why limit what our bags can do?

We have it on good authority that NCW’s 30L drybag rucksack has been used for nights away. Being roomy inside means packing essential items for a weekend break is a no brainer. You’d be surprised how much gear this bag takes! And then, when back at home. flip it to normal use and cart watersports paraphernalia to the beach and back.

This just goes to show there’s always more than one way to skin a cat, so to speak. And with NCW’s 30L rucksack drybag being a case in point a whole load of applications exists for its perfect fit.

If you’re after a durable, waterproof and versatile drybag then check it out via the link in this article. Any questions just shout.