Windsurfing: old school cool and still a maker of fun!

Pics: Oli Lane -Peirce

Windsurfing has a tough time these days. Whilst an established watersport in its own right (one of the originals from back in the day) it now has to compete with all manner of additional activities.

Nothing quite like a windsurfing boost.

Kitesurfing showed up in the 90s during a period when windsurfing – certainly from an equipment perspective – had lost its way. Going too technical, with pro level skills needed to pilot such gear effectively, and a price tag that put many off (still an issue to this day) windsurfing lost a large swathe of numbers to this new punk rock sibling.

Blasting along, windsurfing style, with NCW’s 2021 Gulf Stream wetty to protect.

Fast forward and whilst windsurfing regained some ground during the noughties it wasn’t long before another watery discipline rocked on up to steal yet more thunder.

Stand up paddle boarding, with its simplicity and accessibility (at least on flat water), pulled the rug from underneath windsurfing’s feet and yet again interest wained a little. Although we’ll admit that many a windsurfer did (and still does) use a SUP with windy rig attachment for fun on light breeze days.

In the here and now we have even more choices and ways to ride the brine with wings and foils now in the mix. Yet, score a decent windsurf sesh, where all the elements combine and there’s no lacking of fun and fulfilment.

You can’t beat the feeling. Booting along at full pelt with power on tap, even just blasting can be rewarding. Carving a gybe or riding a wave only adds cherrys (if you have the skills).

Frustrating days do still occur, of course, where Momma Nature ain’t playing ball – despite what Mr/Mrs Weather Man/Woman say. In these cases one of those other disciplines may be a better choice. For full power wind days, however, windsurfing still ticks the boxes for many and therefore shouldn’t be written off just yet…

If you’re a windy looking for rubberised protection whilst booting back and forth then hit up the NCW webshop or give us a holla with any questions. We have plenty of applicable gear for your windsurfing needs.

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