Depth of UK winter motivation for scoring surf sessions.

Winter isn’t exactly the most enticing season for getting amongst it in the drink. Sometimes it’s hard to garner motivation to enter the water – no matter how good the surf looks!

Here’re a few tips to help get your mojo going for a session in the drink.

  • Make sure your wetsuit’s dry – like, completely moisture free! It may be wise to have a second (or even third) if you’re planning in multiple dunkings across consecutive days.
  • Keep in mind your accessories. A quality pair of wetsuit boots, gloves and hood will serve you well. But it’s important you get the right wetsuit accessories.
  • Layer up! We’re big advocates of wetsuit layering here at NCW and provide lots of different options, from thermal hooded rash vests to Merino wool wetsuit glove and boot liners for additional toastiness.
  • Pick and choose your times accordingly. If you’re prone to getting cold try and aim for a slightly warmer day where the sun’s shining. Baltic, cold grey mornings won’t do you any favours.
  • Get changed at home, not a the beach, lake or river, if you can.
  • Don’t have your vehicle’s heating pumping out before you go afloat. Any benefit will be quickly lost and you’re more likely to feel cold.
  • Keep your session short. Day long wave riding mightn’t be the best bet if you’re prone to cooling down.
  • Have a towelling robe/dry robe close to hand and a warm set of clothes to change into as soon as you finish.
  • Have a warm flask drink ready for sipping to help you warm up post-surf.
  • If it’s really looking bleak, and you can’t face getting wet, then don’t leave if for another (warmer) time.

We#ll not lie. Winter surfing can be hard work during less than perfect weather periods. But if you prepare and have the right gear you’ll feel all the more inclined to take a dip.

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