NCW wetsuit change/carry bag/mat back in stock!

Getting changed at the beach, whatever the time of year, can be less comfortable than a warm, enclosed changing room. Yet being outdoors types, who frequent stretches of water that don’t offer this facility, we have no choice. Having a product to make the whole thing more bearable is therefore a good idea. On top of this, let’s not forget that getting wet means, you’re er, wet and so’s your gear. Nobody likes soggy wetsuits dripping in cars/vans. So if there was a dual purpose change mat and carry bag, to help when getting changed and stop these unwanted drips, then how good would that be? Fortunately NCW offers just the thing…

The NCW wetsuit change/carry mat/bag is a popular bit of kit that all our customers agree they can’t be without. As stated above doubling as a change mat and carry bag it stops your feet and tootsies getting chill whilst clambering into your wetty then holds all that moisture inside for the journey home where you can take your rubber out and dry.

As with many NCW products such as this they’re super popular and sell out fast. If you fancy getting hold of your own then give us a shout quick smart.

Carry Bag & Changing Mat