Wetsuit wet and dry carry bag and changing mat – one of our best sellers!!! You’ll wonder how you lived without one!!

NOTE : due to a manufacturing error we have a few hundred of these with some pin holes in them which were made accidentally whilst stitching on the carry handles. This means currently we have no stock of regular water resistant bags until new stock arrives (April or May 2021). These ‘factory seconds’ are perfectly usable but will not be as water resistant. We have sold quite a few half price to clear. The feedback is that as long as you drain the bulk of water out of the bag, by holding it up for a few second (zip end down and zip open a little) before you set off, you won’t have a problem. So fancy a half price one ? click on the option in the order box.

Carry you suit and gear, unzip the bag and change on the ‘mat’, keep your clean dry clothes in the bag, go surfing and get changed back on the mat, keeping your wetsuit and gear clean of sand and mud! Zip it up wet, throw it in the car without it dripping all over the place and wash out your gear when you get home.

The bags are nice and large but also easy to carry, unlike some mat/bags. There is plenty of room for a winter suit and boots, gloves, boots, rash vest, towel and more.

Unzipped (laid flat) size appox. 3 foot 6 inches (circular).

NEW AND IMPROVED FOR THIS YEAR – The bag now also has a velcro pocket on the outside so you can keep your towel and valuables in away from your soaking suit!

NOTE on use of the wetsuit changing mat / bag. The bag is not waterproof – it’s water resistant – so before you put it in you car etc it’s always best to hold it up with the zip end opening at the lowest point, open the zip a few inches and drain off any excess water. It will keep your car dry but not if you have half the Ocean inside….

Can also be used as a Welly Boot Bag for the whole family!

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