The big bounce back to surfing from COVID-19.

Things will never be the same. In fact, for some areas of society, things shouldn’t ever be the same. It’s no secret the current lockdown HAS given benefits – specifically environmental ones.

In cities/towns (globally) there’s been reductions in air pollution. Waterway observers are reporting clearer, cleaner rivers, canals, estuaries and seas whilst wildlife has returned to spaces once too occupied by humans. This should be capitlised upon as there’s proof that things like working from home (more) can work. That’s just one point…It’s a much bigger topic.

Surfing, though, needs to return. There’ll certainly be more efficient ways of catching waves – particularly with social distancing needing to be kept for the short term. But bouncing back to surf once again is very much needed. For people’s headspace as much as anything.


Bouncing back to surfing once more will happen. The act of sliding waves is therapeutic, something which has been widely reported in the past. And actually watersports on a wider scale will come back into their own once lockdown measures have been eased. Riders who participate, yet haven’t been able to whilst confined to barracks, will feel revitalised following a dip in the ocean.

But it’s far bigger than that. As can be seen, economically, everything knocks on to the next. Surfing retailers like NCW need other areas of our society to thrive – even if most seem unconnected. But it’s a like a big jigsaw puzzle and you have to connect the dots. As we said at the start things won’t go back to exactly the way they were before COVID-19 but the economy does need to kickstart.

We’ll be back in the water along with that. It may be a phased return. Not every surfer will be able to come running along to the coast straight away. And in fact that shouldn’t be the case because of overcrowding and how that could impact things – not least our busy lineups. But bouncing back to surfing will happen.

So now’s the time to prepare. Use the lockdown period to get ahead. Inspect your equipment – hardware and apparel/accessories. If anything’s requiring attention then give it. Repairs should be made whilst replacements ordered.

For rubber related wetsuit needs NCW is here, shipping parcels daily and open in an online capacity. We know our onions and can guide you accordingly with regard to every product we stock. Check out our online shop for a full list of what we offer. And don’t forget, if you need questions answered then give us a holla, we’re only too happy to help. Contact us here.

NCW – bouncing back to surfing, BIG time, since 2020!

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