Typhoon products

We are proud to stock another British brand, Typhoon, as well as our own products. Here is a bit of information about Typhoon as we have been stocking and using their products since 2016. We’ve also had fantasic feedback from our customers about Typhoon products.

Typhoon are a British brand with a story that began in 1947 when they were founded by Oscar Gugen. After the second world war Oscar came to England and started up “E.T Skinner & Co” along with a club for divers which became the British Sub Aqua Club, this grew to become the largest diving club in the world. They know a few things about wetsuits as E.T Skinner was the first company in the UK to make wetsuits and also became the market leaders in diving and sailing equipment. In the 1970’s the name was changed to Typhoon and a factory was built in Redcar where the company still operates today. Typhoon’s reputation is based on quality and Typhoon wetsuits have a three year warranty on workmanship.

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