Very warm and water resistant with strap fitting so you can use in the water or on a windy day.

Can be worn as standard beanie hat but these also have a retractable chin strap that can stay inside the hat (held in with loops) or pull out and under your chin to hold it on in the water or on a very windy day.

Most your body heat is lost via your head – not anymore with one of these hats.

Three sizes available :

Small size should fit those a head circumference up to around 56 cm

Standard size that should fit most people if your head circumference is between 56 to 58 cm (approx 22 – 23 inches)

OR large that should fit if your head circumference is 58 – 60 cm (approx 23 to 23.75 inches).

Please see photo section for how to measure your head circumference if you are unsure.

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