NCW continues to do its bit for the environment any way we can. One of those initiatives is to reuse, recycle and upcycle where applicable. In this instance, our resident seamstress has created a functional bodyboard/bellyboard leash that can be fitted to either bicep or wrist featuring around 50% recycled material. All plastic parts recycled/reused, wrist cuff all recycled/reused. Just the bungee is new.

NCW bodyboard/bellyboard leashes have been road tested by Sharkboy Bellyboards (which we also sell) to make sure they’re up to the task. And up to the task they are.

Note. These are one offs, made in a bespoke fashion, and may not look exactly as pictured.

Comes in two different types

Adult wrist / child bicep.

Adult bicep.

60cm coiled with 100cm stretch (approx).

If you need any more info then please get in touch.



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