Note: Challenger Sails are shipped direct from the brand and take around five working days for delivery.

A bump and jump, power wave sail in the purest sense Challener Sails’ Konda is a ‘best fit’ for most riders’ high wind windsurfing scenarios. Pair with your favourite freestyle wave board or go full wave sailing mode. Performance freeride is also an option with the Konda.

Challenger reduced the weight and lowered the power center on previous models which gives more control. Line up your ramp and fly!

Available in the following sizes –

3.6m / 4m / 4.2m / 4.5m / 4.7m / 5m / 5.3m / 5.8m / 6.3m / 6.9m

Manufactured to Challenger Sails’ known quality and high spec. See image below for dimensions.

Prices do not include courier costs which vary by size, timing and price being charged at the time.

Prices may vary during the year depending on container and material costs.

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