NCW’s 3mm super stretch, front zip neoprene wetsuit jacket’s ideal for fair weather paddling without having to don a full wetsuit. If you take a dunking it’ll keep you toasty and warm. With breeze in effect, the jacket fends off windchill making sessions far comfortable. Note these, being super stretch, are a unisex fit and are very popular with the ladies.

It’s an ideal product for colder sessions, as shown in the photos. It’s also great to keep in your dry-bag if the weather’s changeable. This jacket will keep you snug but has excellent stretch and flex properties for furious sprint paddling over flat water. Note the lower back panel to keep your kidneys warm and also the toggle tightening drawstring for a snug waist fit to reduce cold water flush.

NCW featured product spotlight: 3mm Neoprene Super Stretch front zip SUP wetsuit jacket.

They’re equally useful for surface sports, like wake boarding, water-skiing and jet skiing (in warmer months). Surfers and bodyboarders who struggle getting into backzip wetsuits use them in place of standard rubber. And we also have a mobile impaired customer who uses one for swimming (e.g. great if you have a rotator cuff injury and struggle with non-zip neoprene wear).

Five sizes as available. Your chest measurement is the best indication of what size you’d need :

Small up to 37 inch chest
Medium 38/39 inch chest
Large 39/40 inch chest
XL 40/41 inch chest
XXL 42/44 inch chest

If you’d like additional size advice on this product please drop us a line here and let us know what sport you’re using it for (folks like different fits for different uses) along with your chest size, waist measurement and your weight too.

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