C-Monsta wetsuit changing/drying/carrying system available now!

C-Monsta has a complete system for changing, carrying, and drying your wetsuit and wetsuit accessories. Here at NCW we’re big fans of the C-Monsta wetsuit drying hangar. A well-conceived and manufactured piece of kit. We’ve since added the changing and carry mat for pleasurable wetsuit changing at the beach. And the Split Bag which completes the whole system.

C-Monsta for the win.

If you’ve ever tried to change on a cold winter’s morning at the beach, without a change mat, you’ll know how uncomfortable it can be. Carrying wet clobber back home, and soaking everything else in the process is also no fun. In the past drying wetsuits, booties, gloves, and hats have also been a nightmare. Bottom line was the whole act of changing for surfing has traditionally been a chore.

Now with C-Monsta there’s a complete solution for the whole process. Something that may have been thought of as simple previously. But the act has often proved to be more frustrating.

Complete compatibility.

C-Monsta’s fully rounded changing system is 100% compatible. But equally, each item works fine as stand alone products. These products are well thought out and manufactured to a top notch standard the change mat and carrier, Split Bag and wetuit drying hangar are essentials you can’t do without.

For more info about C-Monsta products hit up the links above or get in touch with us here at NCW.