Wing foiling: Tom Pringuer scoring awesome autumn wave conditions.

Wing foiling – for those who are into it – has been great this autumn (generally). Whilst the seemingly constant wind has been a hit with everyone it’s certainly ticked the boxes for those into wind sports. There’s also been plenty of swell, which can also be a winner for those obsessed with wave winging, such as young gun NCW team rider Tom Pringuer.

Wing foiling dream sessions.

Winging in waves is probably where the real draw of the sport lies for most. Once you can confidently foil and gybe there’s no issue with heading for a spot of surf foiling. In some locations – such as Tom’s local spot Hayling Island – the general conditions you can get are suited to winging in waves 100%.

Tom on a lump.

Tom got to experience this properly recently when waves, wind and sun combined to deliver an amazing session. Wingers were out in force and Tom was keen to get amongst the action. Which he duly did. With that essential NCW rubber in place, Tom was on it like Sonic and enjoyed a sweet session.

So big up Tom from NCW. We hope you score more of this through the rest of winter. For all your foiling wetsuit needs hit up the NCW webshop here. You can find kid’s wetsuits and gear here.

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