Lady’s wetsuit buying personal services – from NCW.

Lady’s wetsuit buying situations require finesse and a personal touch that only other women can provide. Here at NCW we hear it often about the issues ladies face when trying to get a proper fitting wetsuit that’s up to the task. Often it’s another woman who’s required to deliver the proper advice and talk wetsuit fit in a relaxed, approachable and friendly manner. Fortunately, we have that option here at North Coast Wetsuits.

Inhouse lady’s wetsuit buying services.

Here at The Rubber Shack we’re fortunate to have two females ready to impart their extensive wetsuit knowledge and help you get the right suit. Both are experienced watersports enthusiasts so understand what’s needed when searching for a surfing or wild swimming wetsuit. And being ladies themselves they also understand the nuances of different body shapes. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a brand new NCW wetsuit, a second hand wetsuit or wanting to part exchange your old suit. We can help!

Dealing with a male shop assistant can sometimes be daunting. So it’s great we can offer a more personal wetsuit buying service tailored to women. Whether buying online or in-store we have all the info and knowledge ladies will need to make an informed wetsuit purchase.

If you have any queries or would like to discuss your wetsuit needs with one of our female members of staff then please get in touch here.

Check out our range of lady’s wetsuits here.