Kayaking and SUP: winter paddling is here.

Kayaking and SUP in winter can be both challenging and rewarding. Challenging because of the weather – which can often be against paddlers. Also, the addition of lower air/water temperatures and a lack of daylight. Yet kayaking and SUP in winter can be some of the most rewarding paddling sessions you can have. With a few things in place first.

Kayaking and SUP winter sunrises.

One particularly enjoyable aspect of kayaking and SUP in winter is scoring calm water, clear skies and awesome sunrises. This, of course, does require paddlers jumping out of bed at dawn’s crack. And we’ll not lie: if conditions are looking good for winter kayaking and SUP then it’ll be cold. Or at the very least on the cooler side.

This is what winter kayaking and SUP sessions can be all about.

But it’s worth it when you get to experience a crisp early morning paddling sunrise. You may even be able to do things the other way and score a winter paddling sunset. To be honest either/or is good. Just make sure you take your camera as this kind of scenario also makes for great snaps.

Layering up for paddling.

We’ve already touched upon the colder weather associated with winter. With this in mind, you’ll definitely need to consider what you wear. Layering is always a good idea. Whether that be layered neoprene garments – like thermal rash vests in combo with wetsuits – or fleece base layers with drysuits. Perhaps you’re skilled enough to just get away with threads not designed for water immersion as some paddlers we know.

Whatever you choose will probably depend on just how cold it is. And where you’re intending to paddle. Flat water, devoid of chop and current will see less dunkings. Stretches of water with more flotsam may see riders end up in the drink. Staying SUP and kayak safe is paramount though so really think about your clothing. You’ll find plenty of paddle wear choices in NCWs webshop here.

The weather for kayaking and SUP in winter.

SUP and kayaking safety is a big issue currently. So we’re going to reiterate this point. Winter weather can be extremely volatile so it’s essential you know what the weather forecast is predicted for your chosen put on the day in question. Calm conditions are always best. But things can change rapidly. So know what’s in store and how soon you should be getting off the water.

As well as your clothing for on water paddling consider other items like change robes, beanie hats and fleece jumpers for when getting changed. This type of gear will help keep you toasty post-paddling and are also things NCW can supply which you’ll find here.

If you have any queries about what to wear for winter kayaking and SUP please get in touch to discuss your needs.