Winter wetsuit layering – a reminder for off season surfing.

Winter wetsuit layering is a way to add more warmth to your existing wetsuit and help keep you surfing for longer in colder conditions. Wetsuit technology has come on leaps and bounds but there are still ways to make your winter wetsuit work harder. And with winter fast approaching now’s the time to aquire the right NCW winter wetsuit layering products.

What’s winter wetsuit layering?

An NCW 5/3 winter wetsuit is proven to keep you warm. Whilst we price our cheaply (because of lack of overheads) our products are premium and the performance is top drawer. We’re aware, however, that some surfers feel the cold more than others.

Also, we never quite know what type of winter surfing season we’ll get. If Mother Nature is feeling particularly spiteful then it might be colder than normal. And with this comes the need for more warmth. Adding a thermal rash vest can help lock additional warmth in. Whether you choose a short arm, long sleeve or thermal rash vest with built in hood for your winter wetsuit layering is down to you. Ultimately, though, winter wetsuit layering is a good idea.

Winter wetsuit layering makes total sense.

NCW product integration.

All NCW wetsuit and wetsuit accessories are designed to work in harmony with one another. Thinking of your surfing gear a a system (possibly a personal central heating system) will see you as comfortable and warm as can be in the brine.

If you need a hand deciding what additional NCW wetsuit accessory is best for your winter wetsuit layering then give us a shout. We’ll guide you accordingly and make sure you get the best combination possible.