Charger X surf skateboards review.

Charger X surf skateboards are awesome little pieces of kit. For the price (much cheaper than many other surf skates) you get a solid surf skateboard set up that’s incredibly versatile. We’ve been playing with the Charger X Lightning Bolt sled for a while. To date, we’ve used it for pumping on the flat, carving our local skate park bowl, land paddling and wing skating. In this post, we take a closer look at why the Charger X surf skate is such a winner.

Charger X surf skate pumping ability.

Pumping the Charger X surf skate is super easy. From stationary it takes a few initial pumps to get it revved up. Then you’re free to crave, slash, slide and pump until your heart’s content. The board’s deck concave and kick tail ensure a locked in stance that won’t slip.

If you want to be aggressive you can certainly accomplish this with the Charger X. But equally, it does allow mellower pumping and cruising if that’s your bag.

Surfing my skateboard #2
The Charger X Lightning Bolt looks particularly fetching in the sunshine.

In the bowl, on the paddle and with a wing.

Those who follow NCW may be aware we like to do things differently. There’s a whole area of what we call ‘fringe skating’ activities you can make use of with Charger X surf skateboards. With its bigger wheels, wider deck and surfy trucks carving skate park bowls is pretty easy. It’s a board that inspires confidence for this kind of riding, which is great for skaters who may never have considered a park before.

For the truly kooky, but super fun aspect, add a land paddle or inflatable foil wing and push yourself or use the wind to propel you along. Whilst these forms of ‘skating’ may look bonkers they’re examples of how to make maximum use of conditions outdoors. There’s nothing worse than being stuck on the sofa after all.

Summing up Charger X surf skateboards.

Charger X surf skates are super fun and bang on for quality. For riders looking for a skate sled other than a conventional street skate setup, Charger X surf skateboards may tick the box. Why not check them out via the link here.

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