NCW newsletter – sharing watersports and outdoor adventure knowledge.

Between us and our extended network of watersports and outdoor adventure contacts, there’s a wealth of knowledge we’re just itching to pass on to everyone. NCW’s customer base is varied and diverse. With all manner of pursuits covered and every rider being at a different stage with their experience. During every step there’s learning to be done. But to get that learning ticked off you need the right information passed on.

NCW may be in the business of selling wetsuits, wetsuit accessories and watersports/outdoor adventure gear. We’re not going to hide that. But we also aim to help participants out by providing a resource of knowledge articles and posts related to a variety of watersports and outdoor adventure disciplines.

NCW newsletter - sharing watersports and outdoor adventure knowledge.
Knowledge is power. Especially when it comes to watersports and outdoor adventure.

Regular followers of NCW’s blog will already have seen some of these. And there’s a lot! We really want to get this information ‘out there’ as much as we can. And by any means, we can. This is why we recently (finally!) sorted out a newsletter you can sign up to.

Now before anyone groans and switches off be assured we’re not going to be spamming you left right and center. We get there’s already a boatload of newsletter end e-contacts that end up in your inbox. Most to be deleted quick smart. NCW will be doing something different, however…

NCW does a good line in SUP info. And we want to pass this on.

Referring back to the above point about there being a plethora of knowledge-based content on the NCW blog we’ll be sending out updates to draw your attention to these articles. Don’t worry though! This won’t be every day. As we appreciate that’ll probably be annoying. Instead, we’ll be sending these contacts out every so often so you have time to absorb and digest what’s in each article.

As an incentive for signing up NCW will be offering you a 10% discount voucher off your next order up to a value of £75. (Ts&Cs to be applied). You can find the North Coast Wetsuits email newsletter sign up page here.

If you ever want to opt out then email us and we’ll remove your details.