SUP and windsurfing (windSUP) – the two for one crossover sport for summer.

Here at NCW we love stand up paddle boarding. We also love a bit of windsurfing. In fact, we just love being in or next to the water. You get our drift though.

WindSUP may appear like 80s windsurfing as was but there are slight differences. For one you won’t have to sling a tree trunk (read daggerboad/centreboard) over your shoulder on downwind runs or lash your boom to the mast with arm thick rigging. Nope, things have come on a bit since those heady days of equipment development and punters can now purchase efficient, lightweight and therefore fun inducing kit.

Light wind windSUP freestyle fun.

There are many different guises to windSUP. Light wind wave riding and light wind freestyle. Most commonly flat water cruising and light wind freestyle windSUP is the most practiced. It’s easy to get into, reuires minimal kit and minimum wind. You can see why people enjoy it. Windsurfing (sort of) as it was back in the 80s.

Duck, duck go – windSUP sunshine good times.

WindSUP is a great option for many sailors and/or paddlers looking for light wind windsurfing opportunities and getting afloat in breeze. The additional of owning a SUP with windsurf attachment is tangible. Getting you out in all-weather windSUP offers versatility that can’t be sniffed at. If you haven’t tried then it’s definitely worth a look.

NCW stocks O’Shea SUPs, which you can see here. If you fancy getting hold of your own O’Shea windSUP then get in touch here.