Everyman foiling with Dave Ludgate – vlog #1.

NCW in partnership with our sister brand Foilshop UK and Lyon Watersports are on a mission to get riders flying above water, foiling style. And with some of the best equipment available!

Everyone’s favourite Southern Irish eco-paddler and all round watersports nut has been gagging for a chance to get involved in foiling for ages. A long time windsurfer, in the traditional sense, Dave recently took delivery of his new baby. The awesome Tahe Techno Wind Foil 130L (which you can find more info on here).

Dave was frothing to get it wet, even in light of not actually having a foil due to it being snarled up in delivery hell. But no matter. The additional windsurfing versatility of this board shone through and Mr L was ready to attach a fin and do battle regardless.

Armed with his trusty Nautix Windsurfing 6m sail (which you can view here) Dave duly got amongst the Irish brine to see what was what. Suffice to say nothing’s as plain sailing as you imagine (pun intended!). Check out the first of Dave’ video log series above to find out what went down. And stay tuned for further updates as the man from Cork learns to fly above water.